Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dear John and The Lucky One

Here we are!

Bringing you Nicholas Sparks' All Time Favourite, Dear John, and his latest work, The Lucky One.

I personally recommend both books to those who are true Spark fans, those whom are suckers for cheesy romance novels.

Dear John has been adapted into a film in year 2010, The Lucky One has also been made into a film, which is scheduled to be released this year featuring Zac Efron.

My advice: Read the book before watching the film! Usually the film doesn't do the book justice. :P

Here's a snapshot of the books that I currently have. RM25 each for Hardcover. It's a steal!

Status : Both Sold! :D

I have unlimited copies, but of course it'll run out if you don't grab them quick! So be 'THE LUCKY ONE' today!

Do drop us an email at should you wish to purchase.

The Bookie Monster Team!

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