TnC (Important!)

Books will be ordered every Friday (so place your orders before Friday and you can get them on Tuesday)!
-All ready stocks.
-Please inquire should the titles you want are not mentioned.
-Book covers may not be the same as advertised (do let me know if you want a particular book cover/publisher).
-Refund will be given if the books you want are out of stock/not in a satisfying condition (i.e. yellowing, torn, dog eared)
-No backing out once orders are placed (Pretty please!).
-Full payment once orders are confirmed.
-A deposit of half if buyers choose to COD.

COD locations:
-Around Petaling Jaya, KLCC
-Rates defer for other areas

Shipping fees:
- 1 book - RM 5.00
- 2-4 books - RM 7.00
- Above 4 books - Additional 1.00 for each book

Attention please!
-Our beloved supplier carries BRAND NEW, ORIGINAL books. Which means that the books are in good condition (i.e. no creases along book spine, no dog ears, no tears, no signs of secondhand). But of course,we will inspect the goods before delivering. Rest assured we shall endeavour to deliver the best as we know it. :)

-You may proceed to the 'Hall of Fame' tab regarding our deals and feedbacks from our customers. 

-As what we have mentioned earlier, our supplier carries brand new books. BUT! He has books that are totally pearly white without any markings and books that have markings. Confused? Please refer the pictures below.

Brand New Pearly White Books
Picture 1

Picture 2

-As you can see from both pic 1 and pic 2, the books are brand new, no markings or anything. Just like books you can get off bookstores. RM25 per copy.

Brand New Books With Markings
Picture 1

Picture 2

-Yes. As you can see, the book is totally brand new. The sad part? It has a marking on it. Thus, we sell these kind of books for only RM22 each. Be cautioned that the marking could be a spot/dot (as per picture) or it could be a line.

-We advised those who are particular about their book condition to get hold of Brand New Pearly White Books meanwhile for those who don't mind, feel free to get hold of those with markings for a better price.


~Om Nom Nom!~