Hall of Fame

A shoutout to the people who have made good deals with us

FIRST! - Tiara Sulaiman
- The Ice Cream Girls - Dorothy Koomson
- The Gatecrasher - Sophie Kinsella
Tracking Number - RD092588421MY
Feedbacks : 'Hey! I've gotten the books and they are in great condition! Will let you know the list of books that I want next. Thanks! :D'

Keep the Ball Rolling! - Jessica Yeap
- A Desirable Residence - Sophie Kinsella
- The Gatecrasher - Sophie Kinsella
Feedbacks : 'Hi The Bookie Monster Team. The books are in great condition. Awesome books for such an awesome price!'

First COD! - Erica Chan
- Under the Duvet - Marian Keyes
- Cracks in My Foundation - Marian Keyes
Feedbacks : 'Hi The Bookie Monster Team. The books are in very good condition. Thanks for the discounts. You must be a book enthusiast - it's so cool to be able to have contacts to book suppliers so you can get them at a lower cost! Good luck in your sales!'

Vampire mania! - Amanina Nadia
- Interview with The Vampire - Anne Rice
- The Vampire Lestat - Anne Rice
Tracking Number - RD049601005MY
Feedbacks : 'Already received the books. The books are in good condition and it's also cheaper than most of the book stores. I'm very satisfied'.

Haruki Murakami, anyone? - Jimmy Yong 
- Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami 
- Kafka on The Shore - Haruki Murakami 
- After Quake - Haruki Murakami 
- The Elephant Vanishes - Haruki Murakami 
- Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of The World - Haruki Murakami 
Feedbacks : Fast response, good seller. Recommended seller.

Returning Customer! - Erica Chan
- Shopaholic and Baby - Sophie Kinsella
- The Ghost - Danielle Steel
Tracking Number - RD072422825MY

All the Way from Lowyat - Nur Izzah
- Happiness Sold Separately - Lolly Winston
- The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks
Tracking Number - RD055166574MY, RD036428520MY
Feedbacks : 'Already received my books last week. Books are in very good condition. Good seller and considerate. Definitely going to buy again in the future'.

Novelist Jeffrey Archer - Yasmin Yong
- And Thereby Hangs A Tale - Jeffrey Archer
Tracking Number - RD072422839MY
Feedbacks : 'Hi The Bookie Monster Team. Received the book in perfect condition! Speedy delivery too! Thank you so much'.

Jeffery Deaver FTW! - Norasikin Wahab
- Speaking in Tongues - Jeffery Deaver
- Hell's Kitchen - Jeffery Deaver
- Mistress of Justice - Jeffery Deaver
- Twisted - Jeffery Deaver
- The Bone Collector - Jeffery Deaver
Tracking Number - RD058447035MY

10th! - Mak Wai Theng
- Safe Haven - Nicholas Sparks
- Dear John - Nicholas Sparks
- Veronika Decides to Die - Paulo Coelho
- Room - Emma Donoghue
- Chances - Freya North
Tracking Number - CD164237988MY
Feedbacks : 'Overall the books are in good condition. Seriously thanks for getting me paulo coelho's book. I bet you searched high and low for that book. Once again, thanks alot. Great dealing with you. :D'

More to Come! - Anne Kamarulzaman
- Dear John - Nicholas Sparks
- The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks
Tracking Number - EM284032147MY
Feedbacks : 'So sorry for the late reply. Oh and yes I've received the books safely wrapped and in excellent condition!!! *excited face* Will surely buy more books from you soon, love. Thank you!!! <3'

COD, again! - Audrey
- Speaking In Tongues - Jeffery Deaver
- Twisted - Jeffrey Deaver
Feedbacks : 'Thank you for willing to COD with me at One Utama. Books are in excellent condition, will definitely return for more. :)'

Playing with fire! - Stella Lau
- The Secrets of A Fire King - Kim Edwards

I've got the POWER! - Fazrin Neza
- The Power (2 Copies) - Rhonda Bryne
Tracking Number - EM314011085MY

In da house, yo! - Michelle Thong
- House Rules - Jodi Picoult
Tracking Number - RD123727531MY
Feedbacks : 'The book is good. I'm glad you are being consistent enough to ensure I get the book in hand. If not, being the forgetful me, I will definitely forget all about going to the post office to collect it. Specially for you!

Triple Kill! - Izza
- 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy - E L James
Feedbacks : 'Hi renae. Sorry for this late feedback. 50 shades trilogy are in perfect condition. Love it. Now have to find time to finish it. :) btw, nice dealing with you. Prompt response and a very humble seller. Fast and speedy COD. Recommended to all! Thank you so much. Sure to deal with you again!'

Take it All! - Ahmemah M Salleh
- Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - Haruki Murakami
- Dance, Dance, Dance - Haruki Murakami
Feedbacks : 'Good seller. Should buy more books from her if she has more!'

18th! - Fitri Yanti Aziz
- Love The One You Are With - Emily Giffin
- Change of Heart - Jodi Picoult
Tracking Number - RD131962899MY
Feedbacks : 'I'm not going to lie, but the package was in great condition! Until I greedily tore open to take a look at the books. Honestly, both the books are in mint condition :D I especially love the hard cover book by Emily Griffin! And it is really cheap to buy the books from Bookie Monster, compared to other major bookstores. So worth it! More books, please! :)'

Picoult, please! - Diyah Yahya
- Sing You Home - Jodi Picoult
- Songs of The Humpback Whale - Jodi Picoult
Tracking Number - EM339514384MY
Feedbacks : 'Sorry for the late update. Books received safely :) Keep up the great service and prompt action ya :D'

<3 Your Mom - Nur Shahira
- Please Look After Mom - Kyung-Sook ShinTracking Number - RD155860090MY
Feedbacks : 'The book is in a great condition. I'm surprised to receive the book so fast. My mum very's satisfied with your service and she said I can buy more books from you later as it's definitely cheaper and we don't have to travel far to get new books!'